Raşit Bağzıbağlı
Who is Raşit Bağzıbağlı?

The Bağzıbağlı Family has been a leading brand in the retail fabric industry since 1957. Rashid Bagzibagli, With the effect of this, he decided to become a designer at the age of 12. First He prepared his collection in 2007 at the age of 21 and started his career as a Couture designer. threw.

Raşit Bağzıbağlı is currently one of the leading names in the fashion industry. Marketing Türkiye January According to the public survey conducted in the 2023 issue, he is the most recognized designer of the new generation. Raşit Bağzıbağlı was deemed worthy of various awards with his successful designs. New York fashion 1st place in the Face of Fashion competition held in the week and the Best Fashion of the Year from Fashion TV designer awards are some of them.

In 2016, he met with television channels, until 2021. He has been a jury member in fashion programs in Turkey's leading channels. 2020 and 2021 He also bridged the bridge with the new generation with a very successful Youtube channel project between the years of has strengthened.


Success Story of Raşit Bağzıbağlı Brand

In 2017, the ready-to-wear brand added a bridal collection alongside RASHID and Couture. Opening of many branches in Istanbul Levent, Emaar Square Mall, Ankara and abroad such as Baku and Cyprus has come to life. At the same time, Raşit Bağzıbağlı made his own collection and created the dynamic of the brand. As its young face, it carried the brand to today.

Throughout his career, Raşit Bağzıbağlı has made nearly 30 fashion shows in Turkey and abroad. He presented his designs to those who follow his brand closely.