Raşit Bağzıbağlı is a designer who has made a reputation not only in Turkey but also abroad with his original designs and delivers his designs to his customers through his stores. The store consists of Raşit Bağzıbağlı labelled products designed and chosen by himself. Service quality is at the forefront in our stores.

The feature that best defines the Raşit Bağzıbağlı brand and distinguishes it from its competitors is that it brings its unique designs to the highest level with its quality fabric selection and sewing quality. Feminine, sexy and elegant designs and product quality are the basic elements of the Raşit Bağzıbağlı brand.

Thanks to the franchise system prepared in line with national and international retailing demands, investors will be able to meet with Raşit Bağzıbağlı brand experience.

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